ScanLAB Projects

ScanLAB Projects is a pioneering creative practice, half art studio, half research laboratory, led by artists/architects/technologists Matthew Shaw and William Trossell. Shaw and Trossell share the common passion for highly crafted making and storytelling that manifests itself in their digital and physical works. Their studio is filled with a diverse team who juggle groundbreaking tech development and creativity on a daily basis. ScanLAB’s primary medium is 3D scanning, a form of machine vision that they argue is the future of photography and spatial representation. As the electronic eyes for billions of mobile phones and driverless vehicles, 3D laser scanners are the cartographers of the future. By critically observing places and events through the eyes of these machines ScanLAB’s work hopes to glance at the future we will all inhabit.


Matthew Shaw, Director

Matt is co-founder of ScanLAB Projects. His background is in architecture, digital fabrication and speculation about digital cities of the future. Over the last 5 years he’s been turning the relentless, machinic eye of the 3D scanner on anything and everything - from giant mirrored sculptures, Arctic ice floes, Roman Sewers to graceful dancers. He is fascinated by the creative and critical role of the pointcloud, and is a big believer in experimentation and precision in equal measure.


William Trossell, Director

Will is co-founder of ScanLAB Projects. He loves building new and extraordinary ways to expand our understanding of the material world. He graduated from the Bartlett School of Architecture but has been somewhat sidetracked as a creative technologist. With a keen interest in how the digital and its augmentation might impact our cultural heritage. Will has worked closely with Museums and World Heritage Sites around the world.


Tom Brooks, Computational Designer

Tom's interest in all areas of digital arts has helped to cultivate a wide range of computation and design skills. Tom joined ScanLAB in February 2017 after graduating with a BSc in Mathematics and Physics from the University of Bath. Prior to ScanLAB he embarked on a varied freelance career, working on projects from video production and photography, to coding automation scripts and software. This diversity has been reflected in the roles undertaken for ScanLAB so far - moving between app development for the latest VR and AR technologies, and creating, editing and coding stunning 3D content and video.


Manuela Mesrie, Studio & Production Manager

Manuela joined ScanLAB in 2018 as producer and studio manager after working as gallery manager and curator for London contemporary art galleries. She is a graduate of BA Management for the Creative Industry at the Bocconi Business University and of MA in Contemporary Art at the Sotheby's Institute of Art. Manuela coordinates the projects production and artistic representation for ScanLAB Projects. 


meriko borogove, Advisor

meriko joined ScanLAB after more than 2 decades at Apple, where she created some of the most innovative technologies of the last 25 years. She was a founding member of the iPhone team, and was responsible for building the iPhone cameras -  fundamentally changing photography and videography across the globe. Today, meriko is focused on photography, exploring, and building effective, creative teams who push the boundaries of technology in the service of art and justice.


Jacques Pillet, Software Developer

Jacques is a software developer and joined ScanLAB in 2019. At ScanLAB he builds incredible tools to create beautiful films and experiences and is often actively involved in the technical aspects of projects.


Nicky Ovidiu Baiculescu, Visual Effects Supervisor & 3D Artist

Nicky has been the lead 3D Artist at ScanLAB since January 2018. Coming from a varied creative background, ranging from 3D artist, to VFX and animation roles, Nicky handles all aspects of the ScanLAB visualisation workflow. With an eye for detail he has worked across many of our projects, most notably our latest BBC series "Ancient Invisible Cities".


Past Members

Max Celar, Soma Sato, Grey Grierson, Dorka Makai, Theo Tan, Reuben Carter, Jean C Nicolas, James White, Luca Veronese, Egmontas Geras, Julia Schütz, Sammy Lee, Fiona Zisch, Berni Devilat, Thomas Parker, Tom Svilans and Thomas Pearce have all been team members in the past.