Markus Martinovitch


 (B. 2006; Moscow, Russia)


Markus Martinovitch was born in Moscow in 2006. He is based in Moscow and Dusseldorf. Martinovitch explores creative techniques such as painting, digital art and conceptual audio. He had his first solo exhibition at the age of 8, at the Komod gallery in Moscow.


Martinovitch is a teenage boy with autism who produces extraordinary works. His condition requires heavy medication causing severe side effects such as tremors. He is often unable to paint and suffers prolonged episodes of hallucination. These harmful experiences are transformed through his art to bright and bold exclamations about life itself. During one on his hallucinations, he emerged with a series of works presenting the notion that the world itself might just be an illusion. In his own words, ‘colour does not exist – it is just a reflexion of the light.’ Despite his young age, Martinovitch brings a remarkably mature and considered approach to his works and is unafraid to tackle complex themes regarding inner and outer spaces and the often-strange relationship between existence and meaning.