As an artist working with striking contextual components and constantly experimenting with various media, Elnara Nasirli is celebrated for exploring unconventional triggers in the perceptual experience. Within her practice the artist examines not only the interplay of colour combinations and the texture of canvas, but also the dynamics of human vision.


Coming from an environmental technology background, artist Nasirli finds inspiration in biotechnology and mixed media. She creates biomorphic worlds through the use of unconventional materials in painting, sculpture, collage and installation. This visual language based on biomorphic shapes comes from the Greek words ‘bios’, meaning life, and ‘morphe’, meaning form.


A large part of Nasirli’s work are tondi, circular pieces, as for the artist circle is a continuous line with no beginning, end, corners or divisions. The circle represents a life-force or spirit that keeps the reality in motion, state of eternal rebirth. The artist makes a great emphasis on the artistic process, and the concepts of change and transience, in particular in the Mycelium installation (2022) which envelops a room into a cocoon over time.


Nasirli’s large canvas series represent skins, that are shed to capture the fleeting moment of her constantly changing physical and emotional states.