Orkhan Garayev b. 1991


Orkhan Garayev is a young Azerbaijani artist, graphic designer. He does painting, graphic, sculpture, also installation and illustration for books. After graduation, the Art school of city Ganja, enters to Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine arts and studies on experimental art classes. After Academy he was included to youth union section of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan.

In his childhood, Garayev suffered from numerous illnesses and it was in this period of his life that he gets acquainted with art, which later helps him to get on his feet. As he said: "I fell ill with another disease that cured me!"

The main factor of his inspiration is communication with people and their criticism. This gives him great strength and motivation.
In his works he mainly shows the spiritual condition and social problems of man-kind. And also he is interested in everyday objects and events, which are not always given importance.

We all, speaking metaphorically, have to fall one day. And even walking is a form of falling too. His works are unstable, despite the fact that they are in the same style. And questioning two postulates: first, that beauty can be man-made, and secondly, that a person, as if it goes without saying, is capable of self- improvement. 


A participant of international exhibitions, both in his country, as well as abroad. His works were exhibited in Turkey, in France, in the Baku-Berlin gallery in Germany, in Dagestan, in Georgia at the festival 'Fest I Nova', in Switzerland.

The artist conducted master classes, lectures, seminars and instructive programs in various universities and museums (ADA - "Not enough to be Gifted", Painting Museum of the 20-21 centuries - "Meeting with the artist and a master class", Yarat Art Contemporary Space - "Art Performance ", Headaway Educational Center, seminar - "Motivation in art ").