Naqsh Collective b. 1976 & 1980




Inspired by the rich heritage of their culture, Naqsh Collective combine contemporary and traditional Arabic aesthetics with specialist local craftsmanship. Founded in 2009 by artist sisters Nisreen Abudail and Nermeen Abudail in Jordan, Naqsh Collective have exhibited their work in Tiraz Amman (Widdad Kewar house for Arab dress) and were part of the Islamic art festival in 2016 Al-Sharjah UAE, Dar Al-Nimer in Beirut as part of (at the seams) exhibition in 2016 (Palestinian Museum in Beir Zait). In 2018, Nisreen & Nermeen were one of the 8 finalist artists to win the Jameel Prize 5, at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, Their work has been exhibited in several national and international museums, such as the Jordan National Gallery for Art, Jameel Art Center in Dubai, Al-Sharjah Art Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum in London.


Nisreen received her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Jordan University of Science and Technology, and began her career as an architect. Following her move to the United States in 2004, she continued to develop her career, while studying art at the Corcoran Collage in Washington D.C. She exhibited at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C and the Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland, and returned to Jordan in 2009.


Nermeen graduated with a BA in graphics from Yarmouk University, and rapidly established herself as a leader in graphic design. She has worked with prominent regional and international agencies and is currently based in Dubai. Nermeen's creative efforts fuse her understanding of local culture with her understanding of brand building and identity to produce work that exudes international appeal.