Iain Nicholls b. 1968



Iain Nicholls lives and works in Darfield South Yorkshire. Between 1994 and 2005 Iain worked full time and freelance making and designing computer games in the UK and California. Although never stopping during this time, Iain returned to painting full time in 2007. Since then he has received two Arts Council Grants since to paint the landscape where he lives and has also made a book of poems and pictures with his friend and fellow Darfielder, the poet and broadcaster Ian McMilan. In 2014 his work was included in Charles Williams RWS book “Basic Watercolour”, he was artist in residence at The Lookout Tower Aldeburgh and had three solo shows in London, Barnsley and Dublin.


He says of his work, ‘Subject needs meaning and depth and so far the last few years I have been drawn to my day to day life and surroundings in Yorkshire. It’s as good a starting point as any as my paintings are also about me being able to use my imagination, enjoying the freedom to see where a painting can take me. I see making a painting a bit like doing an experiment, and my ideal state to be in when painting is one of playing – whether its with form, colour, the intial subject, the medium, or how all these things might relate to each other.’