Kianja Strobert b. 1980



Kianja Strobert is known for dynamic explorations of acrylic, ink and other materials that have established her as an innovative voice in contemporary abstraction. Her mixed-media sculptures and works on paper share a coarseness of texture and an expressive line. Strobert’s work translates the world into energetic planes of color, rendered in thick but refined brushstrokes that keep the eye in constant motion. The suggestion of movement or fluctuation results from the reactions of her various materials to their structural supports.

Often working in series, Strobert strives to maintain a similar rhythm throughout each work by implementing similar colour palettes and visual motifs, as in a recent series that combined sculptures of concrete blocks and terracotta shards with bold abstractions on paper rendered in vibrant autumnal hues. Her delicate and colourful works reveal a preoccupation with assuring that every edge of the composition commands an illusion of depth, perspective, light, and motion. Pushing the boundary between abstraction and figuration, Strobert’s works have no identifiable subject and yet are highly evocative of light and space.