Hyo Myoung Kim b. 1972



Hyo Myoung Kim is a digital media artist with influences from the pioneering ideas of the early chrono photographers such as Eadweard MuyBridge and Étienne-Jules Marey. Utilizing sound and light, Hyo Myoung provides an evocative ‘map’ of the visual and audial experience; trapping fragments of time and movement in stackings of digital slit-scans which tantalizingly hint at their origins as music and video games.


Hyo Myoung Kim merges his training in photography and immersion in digital media to construct photographs, digital and animated images, sound pieces, videos, and installations, through which he deconstructs and explores our image-saturated, technologically networked culture. Describing the vision motivating him, he claims, “Instead of flying cars and manned space exploration, I only see iterations of the future as possible outcomes of…networked reality, structured by the internet, based on the building blocks of text, image, video and sound.” His projects are often situated on the seam between virtual and physical reality, and are based upon films, music, canonical works of art, Google image searches, video games, and search algorithms. Among Kim’s numerous projects is 1001 Nights (2012), a hazy composition resembling a Color Field painting, formed of 1,001 stitched-together digital photographs taken at various times of night.