Will Corwin b. 1976



Will Corwin is a sculptor and curator based in New York. His cast lead, plaster and resin sculptures have been described by the critic Saul Ostrow as “an attempt to make sense of the existential appeal of the ontological and the mythic.” He curated two exhibitions recently: Cyborg, at Zürcher Gallery, which dealt with the idea of the human and the figure in the face of technological, biological and socialogical transformation in contemporary life; and a second exhibition Devotion, at Catinca Tabacaru. This exhibition explored the meaning of contemporary art objects when used as liturgical hardware in a temple/shrine/church setting. Corwin exhibited at the historic Clocktower Gallery and the LaMama Galleria in NYC. 


Corwin has a regular radio program on Clocktower Radio and writes frequently for Art Papers, The Brooklyn Rail and Art Critical.