Elisabeth Kley b. 1956



Elisabeth Kley lives in Manhattan and works in Brooklyn. Her wall mural and ceramics are now on view in Los Angeles in Fort Greene, curated by Adrianne Rubinstein at VENUS LA. Solo and two person exhibitions include Ozymandius at CANADA (2016); translucent threads of dawn at Regina Rex (with Conrad Ventur) (2015); A Sign of Eternal Beauty at GAVLAK Palm Beach (with Florence Derive) (2015); Large Red Lotus Sun with Yellow Face at 39 Great Jones (2014); The Queen’s Feathers at John Tevis Gallery, Paris (2012); Peacocks and Bottles at the Georgian National Gallery in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia (2011); and Momenta Art (2007). Kley’s work was recently included in Jack Pierson’s Tomorrow’s Man 2. She is represented by CANADA in New York, and GAVLAK in Los Angeles and Palm Beach.