Aida Mahmudova b. 1982

Aida Mahmudova harnesses a rich material palette as a creative means by which to connect with herself and her surroundings. The artist uses material as tool to navigate the world she inhabits; here light, colour, and matter are trialled in undulating landscapes, semi-abstracts, and sculptures. Using layers of paper, clay, paint, cement, stone, and, more recently, epoxy resin and untreated marble, the artist explores connections and interactions, seeking to evoke a spectrum of universal human sentiments; love, loss, memory and desire.


Mahmudova is an Azerbaijani artist and Founder of YARAT Contemporary Art Centre offering local and international support for young artists. Opened in Baku in 2011, YARAT now operates three exhibition spaces across the city, with an artist led programme of residencies and events. She holds a BA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design, and her work has been exhibited internationally and uses a variety of techniques and media.