Walter & Zoniel b. 1980

Walter & Zoniel have been collaborating and exhibiting internationally since 2008. Walter Hugo & Zoniel are a young London based Artist duo. Multidisciplinary in their practice, they work within the mediums of sculpture, photography, film and performance. Much of their work is centered on utilizing scientific process and pioneering the modern development of early photographic techniques. Their work focuses on visually charming and enticing the viewer into thought and momentary escapism, whilst dealing predominantly with the human condition, evoking a relationship and questioning between all the elements involved. All of their work carries the undercurrent of their optimism and mantra that Everything Is Possible.

Through their meditative processes of creation, which is often deeply physical, they have developed their own unique techniques that focus upon the cyclic nature of existence, embodying the human condition as much within their process as in their finished artworks. Their work merges experiences from both of their scientific and Buddhist backgrounds driven by a commitment to deeper exploration of the mind and universe and genuine formats with which they can express. They are Formationists. Walter Hugo & Zoniel have exhibited nationally and internationally including shows in Tel Aviv and New York. Recent publicly engaged projects include a Salt-Print workshop at Tate Britain and site-specific installations in Miami and Liverpool, and been nominated for the 2014 Paul Huf Prize in Amsterdam.