As a generative artist and human-computer interaction researcher, Shiqing (Licia) He employs an expressive visual language alongside technological innovations to communicate emotion and experiences. Fascinated by the potentialities of human-machine collaboration, the artist connects her physical and digital practice by materializing code-based generative art with robots. Licia He grew up in China and currently resides in London, UK. Her cross-disciplinary artworks often use multicultural experiences as inspirations. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Studio Art and Computer Science, and a PhD in Information Science. Focused on the connections between art and technology throughout her doctoral study at the University of Michigan, School of Information (Michigan, United States), Dr. He researched and published in areas like data visualisation, human-machine interaction, and creativity support tools. Around 2018, Licia He ventured into the world of generative art to connect her passion for visual art and programming. She previously served as an assistant professor at Texas A&M University, School of Performance, Visualization, and Fine Art (Texas, United States), where she founded the Generative Craft Lab.