Mark Farid b. 1991



Mark Farid is a multimedia conceptual artist who investigates the perceived autonomy of the individual. Through his practice, Mark examines the ethics of performing in social situations in an effort to further understand how the State, and new technologies, prescribe the identity of the individual. Mark graduated from Kingston University, London, Fine Art in 2014, and has since given talks and participated in group and solo exhibitions in England, France, Germany, Denmark, UAE, and Japan. Mark recently took part in the Sundance New Frontier program for an on-going project.


Farid’s current practise investigates the structure of the Internet, and comes to the conclusion that the initial promises of the Internet centred around individuality and anonymity, is replaced by conformity, with our idiosyncrasies becoming nothing more than endearing novelties. The new digital age has created a Capitalist Utopia – with backdoor access to governments – near non-existent regulation, total privatisation, and globalisation. Factor in modern surveillance culture, to the ever increasing centralisation of new technologies, and you have a society strikingly reminiscent of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, and Dave Eggers’ The Circle.


Faird lives and works in the UK.