Loren Bednar

Fusing mathematics with a distinct sensitivity to colour and shape, Loren Bednar creates abstract artworks imbued with emotive undercurrents. Focusing on the interaction of colourful patterns and motion, Bednar prioritises experimentation and technical performance throughout his practice of locating art within algorithms. Based in the United States, Bednar has been producing generative artwork since 2006 and is a curated artist on the Art Blocks platform. He has exhibited in: The Digital Roots, LUME Studios, New York City; Refraction Festival, ZeroSpace, New York City; Immutable, Vellum, Los Angeles; The Berlin Collection, Bright Moments, Berlin; Unblock Gaudi: Digital Art via Blockchain, Museum Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt; Art Blocks x Samsung, Samsung 873, New York City; and Building Blocks, a group show by Unit London.