Anar Huseynzada b. 1981



Lives and works in Baku, Azerbaijan


Anar Huseynzada was born in 1981 in Baku, Azerbaijan.  Anar has been drawing since the age of six, surprising his family when he went to a painting circle at the House of Pioneers and methodically, with enviable and painstaking patience, passed through each stage of education, to receive a Master’s in Fine Arts from the Art Academy., Azerbaijan.


Anar has a clear idea of his objective as an artist - to destroy borders and to fill the space that exists in traditional fine art in Azerbaijan.”The Soviet Union gave us Social Realism. But whichever way you look at it, it interfered greatly with the development of painting and that is why art in Azerbaijan now is lagging in terms of modernity.”  Of course, this kind of revolutionary impulse is not unprecedented and Anar is neither self-absorbed nor suffering from delusions of grandeur. He does not claim to be the first to bring this perspective and his inspirations were the mid 20th century masters – especially Mir-Javad. “At that time they were striving to break down barriers and we continue their work today.”


Each of his paintings is executed in a modern style, but with traditional elements, such as patterns and ornaments. Anar does not know what will be the final result, but he puts brush to canvas and allows the work to develop.


Since 2005, Anar has explored the topic and motif of “IcheriSheher” (the Old City). The ancient heart of Baku is close to his hear and it is impossible to resist the charm and character of “IcheriSheher”. This city within a city is an amazing placethat has undergone certain changes, but there still reigns a spirit of antiquity, mystery and unique identity. Strolling through the cobbled streets of the old town you feel yourself transported to a different world absorbing the energy and stories of generations. 


Anar has taken part in collective exhibitions in Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, Uzbekistan, Moldova and England. In addition, Anaris a member of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan and has exhibited works throughout Azerbaijan since 2005. Exhibitions of specific note include;  Legends speak,  a personal exhibition (2004, Baku) Tale of Absheron, (Azerbaijan Cultural Center / Vienna, Council of Europe’s Art Club / Strasbourg , 2018) and Karabagh (Azerbaijani Cultural Association / Luxembourg, 2018)


Fabulous City was presented to UN Headquarters in Geneva in 2007, Sunny City was presented to the Prime Minister of Turkey in 2009, Baku Legends was placed in the collection of H.Aliyev Foundation, Space has been exhibited in the National Museum of Azerbaijan, while Harp was added to the collection of Modern Museum of Azerbaijan


Many of Anar’s works are held in private collections across the USA, UK, Switzerland, Turkey, Greece, Australia, Norway and many other countries throughout the world.