VR Library: Permanent Display

Gazelli Art House founder Mila Askarova is pleased to announce the opening of Gazelli’s Virtual Reality Library in the newly renovated lower ground space of the London gallery on Dover Street.


“Gazelli Art House has been at the forefront of bridging technology and art for several years and we are excited to celebrate the medium of Digital Art in a permanent way at the gallery” adds Askarova, 'Enter Through the Headset' s at the core of our DNA; after five successful years on our programme, we are now looking forward to opening our unique VR Library to the public.


The VR Library installations, each pushing the boundaries of the medium and raising probing questions about pressing environmental and societal issues, will be presented in a portfolio format that include VR experiences from Gazelli’s artists Jocelyn Anquetil & Charles Harrop-Griffith (UK), Tom Szrites & Xan Adderley with Xavier Sole (UK), Matteo Zamagni (Italy), BrighBLACK (US), Michael Takeo Magruder (US/ UK), Matterlurgy (UK), Gibson/Martelli (UK), Rebecca Allen (US), Claudia Hart (US) and Gazelli Art House’s recent resident Gazelli.io, Shi Zheng (Shanghai/US).