3 August - 1 September 2018 Window Project

A Dog Pees On Things For More Than One Reason 2018


Opening & Performance: 2nd August 2018




Gazelli Art House in partnership with AucArt, the worlds first online auction house to specialise in recent graduate artwork, is delighted to present our Summer Window Project 2018 winner Gray Wielebinski showcasing their work entitled A Dog Pees On Things For More Than One Reason 2018. Coinciding with the opening of the group show Window Project 2012 -2018 on 2nd August 2018, the opening night will also feature a performance by Gray Wielebinski, featuring dancers Chester Hayes and Ted Rogers, that will play with the idea of hierarchies and ambivalent notions of masculinity through a ritualistic ceremony around a champagne tower filled with brightly coloured sports drinks.


Since its launch during the London Olympics in 2012, the Window Project has established itself as a significant platform for artists to display site-specific works on the windows of the gallery. Recent graduates are selected from an international open call, to take creative control of the facade. Through this initiative, Gazelli Art House is committed to bringing these graduates to a wider audience supporting the next generation of artists and curators parallel to the mission behind newly founded AucArt. AucArt is an online platform that offers collectors access to a curated selection of recent art school graduates, mainly focusing on the top 30 schools in the country. Collectors are able to buy directly from the studio through the click of a button. By investing in artists early on in their career, collectors can be one of the first to discover purchase and support the artist & their work before it begins to appreciate in value.

Installation Views