17 June - 30 September 2021 Baku

Gazelli Art House Baku presents Dialogue, an exhibition project bringing together the creative works of twelve Azerbaijani artists, who represent different generations and work in different mediums: from painting, to graphic art and sculptures. 

The exhibition creates a fictional dialogue - between the artists, between father and son, and between past and present.


Theoretically, Dialogue emphasises the discourse of awareness the multiple perspectives and points of view, and the creation of countless possibilities. Principally, Dialogue reveals and connects human values, allowing people to share their vision and experience of complex issues and problems. 


Those presented at the exhibition belong to different artistic dynasties, further texturising the exhibition. The range of artists’ dynasties distinguish not only the ability to pass the love for creativity from generation to generation and versatile knowledge in their own field through conscious communication, but also the possibility of a deeper spiritual pattern of communication and creative empathy.