Claudia Hart b. 1955

Exhibitions and Special Projects

2021 .ext, Gazelli Art House, London, UK

2021 Properties for Sublet,

2020 An Imaginary Ruin, Gazelli Art House, London, UK

2020 The Ruins, bitforms gallery, NY, NY, USA

2020 The Tree of Life, bitforms gallery, NY, online exhibition as netart work by Claudia Hart and Shi Zhen with essay and curating by Claudia Hart, and net work by Shi Zhen, including the work of Mark Dorf, Claudia Hart, Auriea Harvey and Michael Stimm, Kurt Hentschlager, Gary Hill, Sara Ludy, Davide Quayola, Shi Zhen and Marina Zurkow

2019 A Child’s Machiavelli, book release for new Beatrice Books edition and paintings exhibition, bitforms gallery, NY, NY, USA

2019 A Child’s Machiavelli, Book release for new Beatrice Books edition and installation,

Wallplay on Canal Street, NY, NY, USA

2019 Unreal Seduction, augmented ceramics and wallpapers, Juliette Yuan and Associates, NY, NY, USA

2018 Alice Unchained, Pioneer Works, Redhook, Brooklyn NY, Tech Residency and performance of Alice Unchained: A Virtual Chamber for Chamber

2018 The Flower Matrix, Lawrence Art Center, Lawrence KS, curated by Ben Ahlvers
2018 The Flower Matrix, Art Center Nabi, Seoul, Korea, curated by HyeIn Jeon
2017 The Flower Matrix, produced by Transfer Gallery at the Wallplay VR Speakeasy, NY, USA
2017 The Dolls, Body + Camera Festival, Mana Contemporary, Jersey City,USA
2017 The Dolls, Body + Camera Festival, Mana Contemporary Chicago and Chicago Dancemaker’s Forum, USA
2017 Inside the Flower Matrix, immersive augmented wallpaper install, House 17, New York
Electronic Art Festival, USA
2017 The Riot Grrrls App, an augmented-reality app created collectively with the students for the Riot Grrrls exhibition of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, USA
2017 Inside the Flower Matrix, Natalie And James Thompson Art Gallery, San Jose, USA
2016 Beneath the Veil, Upfor Gallery, Portland, OR, USA
2016 The Dolls House, Transfer Gallery, Bushwick, NY, USA
2016 The Romantic App, an augmented-reality app created collectively with the students, European Painting and Sculpture collection of the Art Institute of Chicago, USA
2015 Claudia Hart: Simulisms, live presentation including The Dolls: A Virtual Ballet,
“Conversations at the Edge,” USA
2015 Funerary: Claudia Hart and Armin Voelker, Friedhofsmuseum, Berlin, Germany
2015 The Dolls, A Virtual Ballet, directed and designed by Claudia Hart with music by Kurt
Hentschlager and Choreography by Kristina Isabelle, Millennium Park, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, USA
2014 The New Museum Store Presents: Welcome to Alice’s GIftshop, The New Museum, NY, USA
2014 Welcome to Alice’s GIftshop, bitforms gallery, Chelsea, NY, USA
2014 The Alices (Walking): A Sculptural Opera in One Act, Moving Image Art Fair, Eyebeam Center for Art + Technology in Chelsea, NY, USA
2013 Rendering Time: Claudia Hart + Alex Lee, Gallery Dos, Seoul, Korea
2013 There’s a Body on the Screen, Museum of Luxun Academy of Art, Shen Yang, China
2013 Post Photographies: Claudia Hart and Yefeng Wang, 99 Art Center, M50 gallery district, Shanghai, China
2013 The Alices: A Sculptural Opera in One Act, with score by Edmund Campion, The Arts Club of Chicago, USA
2013 The Alices: A Sculptural Dance Performance, The Pritzker Pavilion, Millenium Park, Chicago, USA
2012 Politrix Books: Advice for the Aspiring at the Twilight of the American Century, University Gallery, Cal State University, Sacramento, CA, USA
2012 A Child’s Machiavelli e-book, produced by Flicker-Lab
2011 Recumulations, interior installation and site-specific performance-object, with Roberto
Sifuentes, Black and White Project Space, Brooklyn, NY, USA
2011 When a Rose is Not a Rose, personal exhibition, bitforms gallery, NY, USA
2010 Claudia Hart and Rim Lee, Chicago Festival of the Humanities: The Body, Kasia Kay Gallery, USA
2010 Empire, exhibition and performance, Wood Street New Media Galleries, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
2009 Twilight, bitforms Gallery, NY, NY, USA
2008 Ophelia, scologram project, collaboration with art-n and Ellen Sandor, Kasia Kay Gallery, Chicago, USA
2008 Digital Baroque, personal exhibition, Kasia Kay Gallery, Chicago, IL, USA
2007 Machina, animated video installation, Catharine Clark Gallery, San Francisco, CA, USA
2007 Machina, animated video installation, PS 122, NY, NY, USA
2007 A Child’s Machiavelli, Project Space, Andrew Edlin Gallery, NY, USA
2003 “Braingirl, E, and Pussyweeval”, two person show with Marina Zurcow, Bitforms Gallery, NY, USA
2003 “Save Me”, public intervention, animated LED billboard, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, USA
2000 “Playworld 2000” collaboration with Sam Samore, Clinica Aesthetica Gallery, NY, USA
1999 “Over the Hills and Far Away,” Sandra Gering Gallery, NY, USA
1998 Residency and exhibition, Beaux Arts, Nimes, France
1998 “The Beast Inside Us”, collaboration with Sam Samore, The Center for Contemporary Art, Geneva, Switzerland
1998 “A Child’s Machiavelli,” The John Hansard Gallery, Southhampton, London, UK
1999 “Romeo and Juliet,” residency and production, Banff, Alberta, Canada
1997 “Dr. Faustie’s Guide to Real Estate Development,” Shift Kunstverein, Berlin
1997 Galerie Sylvia Steinek, Vienna, Austria
1997 “Beauty And the Beast”, residency and edition, the Villa Arson, Nice, France
1996 “A Child’s Machiavelli: Deutscher Remix”, Galerie Wohnmachine, Berlin
1996 “Dr. Faustie’s Guide to Real Estate Development”, Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
1995 “Bild-Malerei: Positionen in Berlin: Claudia Hart”, group catalog, Galerie Wohnmaschine, Berlin, Germany
1995 “Claudia Hart presents the Institute of Theore(c)tical Painting presents Claudia Hart”, Galerie Laage Salomon, Paris, France
1995 “A Child’s Machiavelli”, with catalog, “Kunstlerhaus Am Acker” e.V., produced by the Realismus Studio, Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst, Berlin, Germany
1995 “A Child’s Machiavelli”, Galerie Christian Gögger, Munich, Germany
1994 “The Institute of Theore(c)tical Painting”, collaboration with Kathrin Becker, Likorfabrik, Kunst-Werke, Berlin, Germany
1994 “Not an Angel”, Galerie Blancpain Stepczynski, Geneva, Switzerland
1993 “New World Order”, Tanit Galerie, Cologne and Munich, Germany
1993 “Not an Angel”, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, with catalog, Berlin, Germany
1992 Galerie Laage-Salomon, Paris, France
1992 Dennis Anderson Galerie, Antwerp
1992 Galerie Volker Diehl, Berlin, Germany
1991 “The Contingency of Selfhood (the artist as Byron)”, Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Paris, France
1991 “The Grotesque”, Tanit Galerie, Munich, Germany
1990 Lino Silverstein, with catalog, Barcelona, Spain
1990 Greenberg Gallery, Saint Louis, USA
1990 “The Contingency of Selfhood (the artist as Rousseau)”, Pat Hearn Gallery, NY, USA
1989 Barbara Krakow, Boston, USA
1989 Pat Hearn Gallery, NY, USA



2018 Pioneer Works Tech Residency and co-production of Alice Unchained live work. New York State Council on the Arts in Partnership with Wave Farm: Media Arts Assistance Fund (MAAF).
2017 Moving Image Art Fair Acquisition Prize, NY Moving Image Art Fair, with 21st Century Museum Hotels for 21st Century Museum Collection, Advanced Computer Center for the Arts and Design, Ohio State, Production Grant supporting The Flower Matrix
2016 Gameon Studios Production Grant, Motion Capture and Post Production, supporting Alice Unchained, Montreal, Canada Harvestworks Production Grant supporting The Flower Matrix for the New York Electronic Arts Festival
2013 President’s Special Development Grant, School of the Art Institute of Chicago Illinois Council of the Arts, Individual Artist’s Grant Honorary Fellow, the Eyebeam Art and Technology Center, NY, NY Research resident, IMC Lab and Gallery, NY, NY
2012 Shapiro Center for Research and Collaboration, EAGER (early Concept Grants for Exploratory Research), SAIC
2011 School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Faculty Enrichment Grant, with Roberto Sifuentes
2010 Faculty Research Exhibitions Fellowship, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL, with Mark Jeffery and Judd Morrisey for The Simulationists exhibition, performances and panel.
2010 Foundation Grant and Fellow of the Ellen Stone Belic Institute for the Study of Women and Gender in the Media and Arts, Columbia College, Chicago, IL
2009 Illinois Council of the Arts Grant for Fault Tactical Network Performance, PsI, Zagreb
2009 School of the Art Institute Faculty Enrichment Grant
2006 Pratt Institute Faculty Development Grant
2005 BRIC (Brooklyn Information Culture)/Rotunda Gallery Media Residency
2004-99 Elizabeth Foundation, subsidized studio, NY, NY
1996 Kunstfonds Bonn (with Nautilus Verlag), Bonn, Germany
1995 Stiftung Kulturfonds (with Kathrin Becker), Berlin, Germany
1994 Frauen Stipendium, Senate, Berlin, Germany
1994 Stiftung "Luftbrückendank" Foundation Grant, Berlin, Germany
1993 Arts International Collaborative Works Program, supported by the Annette Kade Endowment Fund
1992 Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
1992 La Base Centre d’Art Contemporain, Paris
1991 American Center, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris
1989 National Endowment for the Arts, Visual Art Fellowship, Works on paper



 1978 New York University, Art History, Summa Cum Laude, Founder’s Award, B.A.

1984 Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, M.S.