Performance by Philomène Amougou | Umbilical Roots | July 2020




On July 11th 2020 we had the pleasure of hosting a digital performance streamed live from the studio of the French-Cameroonian multimedia artist and Window Project 2020 winner -  Philomène Amougou


As a displaced Afro-European artist and woman, these piece explored the themes of feminine identity, spirituality and rituals to re-enact the divine cycle of creation and chaos. As a celebration of rebirth and symbol of a new beginning in response to our biological and cultural climate crisis, this body of work is a call for freedom and unification, a need of reconnection between the roots of our land and our DNA.


Amougou is inspired by anatomy, biological mutation and pathology, with the performances depicting the molecular process of pandemic and contamination, via morphology that is both corporal and environmental.

July 11, 2020