Less Art | Derek Boshier

Derek Boshier and his upcoming exhibition Headlines features in Doug Harvey's piece for Less Art, 'Boshermania '21!'.


"Since he hit 80 a couple of years back, every new show Derek Boshier mounts feels like an unexpected lottery win — not that his shows haven’t hit the jackpot all along. One of the first post-Paolozzi/Hamilton generation of British Pop artists (alongside Peter Blake, David Hockney, and the tragically short-lived Pauline Boty), Derek’s idiosyncratic, politically engaged, and always evolving transformations of vernacular visual culture puts him in my personal Top of the (underrated) Pops alongside Oyvind Fahlstrom, Peter Saul, Greg Curnoe, Ray Johnson, and Eduardo Paolozzi himself."

– Doug Harvey


March 2, 2021