Art Monthly | Derek Boshier

Art Monthly reviews Derek Boshier's collaboration with S Mark Gubb in It’s Only When the Tide Goes Out…Selected works and ephemera, 1976 – 2018 as part of MOSTYN’s In Conversation series.



“Gubb’s ‘The Last Judgement’ and Derek Boshier’s ‘It’s Only When the Tide Goes out…’ form part of an in-conversation series in which two complementary artists exhibit alongside each other.


The combination of Gubb with Boshier is particularly inspired because their links are both obvious and non-obvious. The most literal connections come from the artists’ shared interest in music: Boshier famously collaborated with the likes of David Bowie and Joe Strummer of The Clash, while Gubb’s work returns regularly to music, adopting the aesthetic of heavy metal or using objects such as guitar plectrums.”


June 27, 2019