MADE IN BED | Perle Fine

Hannah Savage, Reviews Editor at MADE IN BED, writes a brilliant review on Perle Fine's retrospective. As Hannah says: "A Timelessness #8 from Fine’s Accordment Series is one of the largest works on display at Gazelli Art House. Her Abstract Expressionist work has quite a range. Dealing with the geometric, as well as shapes that are often biomorphic, the exhibition displays the vast degree of variation in Fine’s oeuvre. A Timelessness #8 demonstrates her mastery of geometry and symmetry. The graph-like composition is intricate, with her use of multiple horizontal lines contrasting the single vertical lines. The jagged edges of the painting disrupt its perfect symmetry, adding an air of disjunction to the composition. This is further emphasised by her use of warm and cool tones, creating a conversation between the lines. Fine’s masterful use of colour, as well as composition, creates compelling Abstract Expressionist works which truly define the genre."

June 10, 2022