Claudia Hart | Proof of Art | Francisco Carolinum NFT Exhibition

Claudia Hart who is currently on view at our Dover Street space in .ext - an NFT exhibition will also join Francisco Carolinum, Linz in PROOF OF ART, the world's first museum exhibition on the history of NFTs in art, curated by Jesse Damiani. The show can be viewed offline in the museum, and online in Cryptovoxels, a blockchain-based virtual world. Works of 25 artists will be on display at the museum. Using the media of projection, software, videos, installations and digital files, they explore systems of meaning and value, examine the role artists play in a high-tech environment, and discuss the impact of virtual spaces on our everyday reality. The exhibition space in Cryptovoxels will feature virtual works by around 25 artists.


Duration of the exhibition: 10 June - 15 September 2021



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May 26, 2021