Coronations | Aziz + Cucher

22 March - 18 April 2021 Window Project

“Coronations,” our piece for the window project at Gazelli Art House, was made as we experienced the various lockdowns and restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic over the past year.


Throughout this difficult time we were forced to reinvent our connections to the world, to our work, to our friends and colleagues, and to the things we love, from art to live music and to all forms of social gatherings. 


We were also forced to reckon with our conception of whose labor is truly essential for the functioning of our society and how much we depend on those who are usually invisible and are often take for granted.


Overall, as we were confined to our homes, the effort to overcome fear and maintain sociability, and therefore our humanity, both ennobled and elevated us, and put us at times in situations that were humorous and exasperating, struggling with faulty technologies, imperfect wi-fi, and trying to relate and communicate through layers of PPE.


“Coronations” is an homage to our survival and to the efforts we have all made to remain hopeful in these dark times.


- Text by Aziz + Cucher