DiMoDA 4.0: Dis/Location: Banz & Bowinkel, Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga, and Tamiko Thiel

4 February - 2 April 2022 Project Space
GAZELL.iO is pleased to present DiMoDA 4.0: Dis/Location, curated by Christiane Paul. Comprising of three artworks focusing on the theme of dislocation, by artists Banz & Bowinkel, Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga, and GAZELL.iO January resident Tamiko Thiel.

The exhibition explores the feeling of displacement from or disturbance of a proper, original, or usual place or state from gentrification and evolution to perceptions of space afforded by technologies.

As in every release of DiMoDA — a virtual institution conceived in 2013 by Alfredo Salazar-Caro and William Robertson — the virtual museum space is custom-designed for the experience of the commissioned works. The architecture of DiMoDA 4.0, conceived by Ayman Tawfeeq, consists of a structure that disrupts a city block of derelict New York townhouses, infiltrating and dislocating their architecture from the basement to the roof. Having returned to an uncultivated, rewilded state, the street scene suggests both decay and the potential for reimagining. The structure itself is composed of the 3D scanned faces of immigrants from across the globe, evoking a kind of reverse-gentrification and yet another form of displacement.

“We are thrilled to be debuting DiMoDA 4.0 in the U.K., with a fantastic selection of artists, including our January GAZELL.iO resident, Tamiko Thiel. It has been a true pleasure working with Christiane Paul and DiMoDA’s Alfredo Salazar-Caro on realising their vision in the physical space. As we further explore the merge between the physical and the virtual remits, the exhibition raises pertinent questions around our displacement,” says Mila Askarova, Founding Director of Gazelli Art House and GAZELL.iO.