Free Fall: Shi Zheng

12 April - 12 May 2021 Project Space

GAZELL.iO presents Shi Zheng’s Free Fall in the GAZELL.iO Project Space, an initiative launched in 2020 to provide digital artists with a platform to showcase their works physically at a commercial gallery. 

Shi Zheng is the second artist to be shown in the GAZELL.iO Project Space, following on from Claudia Hart who took over the space with her interactive VR wallpaper artwork An Imaginary Ruin. Shi Zheng’s video installation will be presented on large-scale towering screens in the space throughout April. Free Fall is a dual-channel video installation co-produced by media art group RMBit for the solo exhibition Bitclave at Imagokinetics, Hangzhou. Two vertically connected display panels have constituted a narrow perspective of the work in which pure white sheet masks simulated by the computer keep falling downward. 


Another layer in the work consists of a computer vision recognition system that surveils and detects the moving image. The facial recognition system identifies whether the image of each falling sheet mask matches the features of the human face. The floating values between 0 and 1 in the blue bounding box represent the approximation value of “human” identified by the machine compared to “real human.”

Installation Views