28 March - 5 June 2013 Window Project

I want to create a piece which makes viewer to rediscover their surroundings.


Over the last 7 years I have developed the sculptural interventions using architectural space. The investigations has taken form of discreet interventions and also slightly unusual situation which makes people disorientated. I’ve tried to maintain the question that how to make people experience the whole space as a sculpture. So to speak, if the whole space is a glass of water, I can say my intervention is one drop of colour ink. I’m interested in the way of dispersion. So, I think the pillar is a sort of catalyst which make viewer to see the space as it is. When I visited the ground floor to make new work , I very much looked at the certain boundary such as surprising boundary or social boundary. Then, the full window grabbed my eyes and I discovered the pillar over the window. I input that particularly model of pillar, the floor plans into 3D software and I begun to manipulate in a software. The models developed as a result of these kind of the intersection of specific information with what I’ve developed independently.  Also the view from outside was very much considered because the glass has the reflective surface although it is transparent. I can say this piece is successful when it prompts a viewer to related interior sculpture with exterior surroundings.

Shan Hur


Installation Views