14 March - 26 April 2014 Window Project

Running alongside Red Tape, the Window Project will feature Israel-based artist, Michel Platnic. Building on the installations combining various media such as painting, sculpture, video and performance, Platnic’s work relives scenes and creates anachronistic encounters with the spectator, questioning the very essence of each media and creating a connection between the spiritual and the material. His three HD digital videos entitled After Three Studies for a Portrait of John Edwards will occupy the glass façade of the gallery from 14th March. Making visible only the static imagery of the triptych on the one side of the gallery’s windows and the full running of the video on the other, the display and the viewing of this work from the outside and inside will change over the course of the day – highlighting even further the nature of Platnic’s practice of pushing the limits of the different dimensions of reality. In this series, Platnic brings to life scenes from Francis Bacon’s paintings building three-dimensional models that provide the setting for the video works and photographs featured in the series.

Installation Views