Fired Up

Joe Clark, Lauren Cotton, David Jones, Rory McCartney, Farid Rasulov

The individualism in each of our reactions to contemporary art is at the core of Gazelli Art House. Be it an educated statement or an opinion based on intuition, the reaction is spurred by the colours and techniques used by the artist, the size of the artwork, the concept behind it or the aesthetic value it possesses. Regardless of what triggers this chemical process – as it will inevitably vary with each one of us – the emotional attribute is what we aim to awaken, develop and nurture at Gazelli Art House.


In our concept series of five exhibitions, spanning across the year, a wide variety of artists – each at a different stage in their career – will present their works in carefully selected locations, in order to create a bespoke environment for the audience to recognize and interpret their own understanding of contemporary art. Fired Up will take you Down to Earth, after which Still or Sparkling will follow. You will then find yourself in the Air I Breathe before ending up at Bodhi.


The most difficult part of a journey is always the beginning. I therefore, encourage you to take a deep breath and immerse yourself into (y)our world where I hope you will discover and learn about, but most importantly enjoy, the art. Welcome to our first stop, Fired Up.


Mila Askarova

Fired Up: Joe Clark, Lauren Cotton, David Jones, Rory McCartney, Farid Rasulov
£ 12.00