Down To Earth

Aziz + Cucher, Jane Mcadam Freud, Niyaz Najafov, Saad Qureshi, Mark Prethero

At the core of life flickers a powerful flame inspiring us to move forward. Fired Up presented works by talented young artists, Joe Clark, Lauren Cotton, David Jones, Rory McCartney and Farid Rasulov. Purp- osefully interfering with the space, the vibrant works clashed and complimented each other referencing to the uncertain, dynamic and inconsistent nature of the primary element, fire. An attempt was made to reach out on a personal level, engaging and awakening your emot- ional response to contemporary art.


Building on the platform of this emotional upheaval from Fired Up, Down To Earth explores the subtleties of nature in its raw entirety, through which the viewer can intuitively discover a deeper layer of their persona. The complex relationship between one’s internal and external self is illustrated in the intense and intriguing oil on canvas works by Niyaz Najafov. Jane McAdam Freud taps into the human psyche through her depictions of the living in sculptures made of traditional medium, while Aziz + Cucher present the delicate nature of life, drawing their attention to the composition rather than the overview of the subject matter. Saad Qureshi reinforces the search for a deeper sense of connection through his conceptual installations, whilst Mark Prethero’s photography captures the stillness of time, creating a void to reflect and gain composure.


For every exhibited artwork, Gazelli Art House strives to create a specific setting to challenge the common perception of contemporary arts. It is your interest that fuels this drive and I thank you for trusting us to take you on this journey.


Mila Askarova

Down To Earth: Aziz + Cucher, Jane Mcadam Freud, Niyaz Najafov, Saad Qureshi, Mark Prethero
£ 12.00