Air I Breathe

Yoonjin Jung, Kate Terry, Littlewhitehead, John WYnne

The flame is now burning, the earth has been ploughed, one can even assume that water quenched our thirst for knowledge. Yet we have reached an integral part to the journey of our inner exploration – without which the flame would burn out, the earth would cease to nurture and water would gradually evaporate. The translucent, light and intangible Air I Breathe.


Reminiscent of a newborn’s arrival – the first gasp for air is present in the works of Littlewhitehead, as expectations are broken and the viewer is encouraged to unravel the story free from pre-conceived judgments. The first glimpse of light is challenged by the conceptual pieces of Yoonjin Jung, exploring the reflections of light through her works and the visibility of the invisible.


From being afloat we are elevated further by the delicate and interactive thread installation of Kate Terry, carefully concealed within the space, while the acute and unequivocal sound piece by John Wynne brings us back to our starting point – our very first breath of fresh air.

Air I Breathe: Yoonjin Jung, Kate Terry, Littlewhitehead, John WYnne
£ 12.00