Private: Family matters

Jane McAdam Freud

The catalogue accompanied Family Matters: Jane McAdam Freud exhibition at Gazelli Art House. If you’d like to purchase a copy please send an e-mail to


“We come from matter and return to matter…“ Jane McAdam Freud


It is a family matter, a family affair.


A dialogue between father and daughter, a teacher and student both, lasting a whole lifetime between pauses for reflection and thought. The works in this exhibition are an accumulation of the artist’s observations and responses to her familial surroundings. They depict a struggle between her humble desire to serve her heritage and yet to break free from the natural associations made therein. As a result works are produced of close ones with great passion and clearly defined style. Certain signature elements of the artist are present in each sculpture, drawing and photograph. A strong, solid touch formed over years of nurturing a natural gift.


Family does matter – as a basic value in its broader sense, yet it is the process of time, and the effect this has on these values that draw our attention. It results from the contemplation of life and death, bringing us closer or drawing us further apart.


Foreword by Mila Askarova