Gazelli Art House is delighted to announce that Francesco Jodice‘s Dubai Citytellers have been selected to take part in the Videobox Festival, opening on the 27th of April until the 29th of April at Carreau du Temple in Paris, France.


The 2017 programme, entitled Sound and Movement, is hosted by Odile Burluraux, exhibition curator at the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris and Corentin Hamel, co-director of the New Gallery in Paris, around the theme Of the urban, thus continuing the problematic of the first video art festival initiated in 2016: La Ville au Corps.


The video occupies a singular place in contemporary art. Unlike painting, sculpture or installation, video art shares its medium with cinema and other audiovisual practices. A particularity that facilitates its approach – today where we all bath in a culture of screens – and questions its specificity.


Besides the familiarity that everyone experiences for videos, which one consumes or produces, the video medium is an accessible bias to approach a vast field of contemporary art. Many videos of artists are now available on websites and allow to continue the visit. The dematerialised character of the medium opens the possibility of an international monstration. Many artists who are not necessarily the most frequent means of expression attempt the experience of video that offers a possible look at their work.


The works will be presented in two modes: 15 works circulated in loop on monitors, and 100 sessions in a black box designed especially for the Festival.

April 22, 2017