Wall Street International | 9th St. Club

The latest exhibition at Gazelli Art house, 9th St. Club, is featured in Wall Street International.


"The women included in the show fought to exhibit, exist and love among their (originally) more deified and more marketed male counterparts. The vitality that is so present in the works is all the more profound for the daring it took to step into the ring of expressionist machismo, and produce work that gestured towards the same bombastic and naked energy, whilst also being nuanced and romantic.


Each artist’s work is animated by their own charismatic persona, and it is clear that in the performance of artmaking art was life and life was art. The riotous and dramatic theatricality of their lives plays out in colour and form on canvas, and functioned as a liberating force for cultural and ideological renewal whilst clarifying and focusing the art world."


January 31, 2020