Financial Times | Jann Haworth

Jann Haworth featured in Jackie Wullschläger's FT article The women redefining sculpture.

"the collision of feminism with minimalism and conceptual art in the 1960s-70s insists that postwar sculpture is narrated in gender terms — even, in part, as revenge drama. In 1961 a Slade tutor told Jann Haworth that “the girls were there to keep the boys happy. It wasn’t necessary to look at the portfolios of the female students . . . just at their photos.”"


"Haworth’s response was to adopt the “sarcastic choice of cloth, latex and sequins as media . . . a female language to which the male students didn’t have access.” In her “Calendula’s Cloak” the suggestion of a life-size figure emerges through stitched scraps of brightly patterned fabric: soft, homespun, handcrafted." – Jackie Wullschläger



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March 10, 2021