Introducing | A Space for Digital Art was conceived by Gazelli Art House in 2015 to mark the gallery’s commitment to building a market for VR works as a medium. started as a programme of monthly online residencies for artists working in the digital and virtual reality realm and continues to expand to incorporate partnerships and initiatives. In 2020, to celebrate the fifth year anniversary of the successful VR group exhibition series ‘Enter Through the Headset’, the VR Library was launched. An evolving selection of curated digital artworks including previous residents is now permanently on view to the public through the installation of two VR  headsets in the Project Space on Dover Street. The Project Space was created in 2020 to provide digital artists with a platform to showcase their works physically at a commercial gallery.  


Since 2015 artists working in the digital sphere have been invited to participate in a month-long residency at as part of the Residency. Previous residents have included key new media artists; Rebecca Allen, Jocelyn Anquetil, BRiGHTBLACK, Claudia Hart, Michael Takeo Magruder, Gibson/Martelli, Matterlurgy, Mbryonic, Iain Nicholls and Matteo Zamagni.’s current March residency with Evelyn Bencicova is the programme’s first official partnership with Berlin-based international platform for Virtual Reality art, Radiance VR.  Armin Keplinger, Jake Elwes, Shi Zheng and Kyt amongst others will join the residency in 2021.


The Virtual Reality Library is the ultimate VR art experience set in the Dover Street gallery space. Launched in 2020, after five years of successful ‘Enter Through the Headset’ new media exhibitions, the VR Library includes a curated selection of works from previous residents for the public to explore through the permanently installed VR headsets.


In 2020 the Project Space was launched to provide digital artists with a platform to showcase their works physically at a commercial gallery. Programming of the space will change on a monthly basis to offer fresh perspectives. 

March 4, 2021