Mila Askarova | Alain Elkann Interviews | October 2020

Gazelli Art House Founder Mila Askarova was recently interviewed by Alain Elkann on the activities of the gallery and the mission to create dialogues between the artists worldwide.


"We took the conscious decision of having a diverse and dynamic program. We have a portion of the gallery that exhibits and supports artists working in new media – digital artists working in virtual reality – and that’s for the next generation of collectors that we are trying to reach out to and start having a conversation with. The biggest portion of the gallery is mid-career artists, who have been working for a long time but have not yet had significant exposure or support in the UK and Europe. We contribute to bringing that additional level of exposure, through the spaces in London and Baku. Finally, within this program, there are artists from Azerbaijan and the region of Central Asia. We host one show a year which looks at Middle East and Central Asian artists. We do group shows here, because it is important for us to reach out and connect the spaces that we have in London and in Baku." - Mila Askarova


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October 26, 2020