Gazelli Art House | Francesco Jodice x Borders

With its physical spaces temporarily closed, the Gazelli Art House programme continues online with the new exhibition – Borders.


On Thursday 14th of May 2020,  the gallery hosted a screening of the work Dubai_Citytellers (2010) by Francesco Jodice, which was introduced by the artist.


Citytellers is a research project on future urban scenarios and different forms of neo-humanism. The film Dubai_Citytellers is a portrait of a city that has become both an opportunity for some and a cautionary tale for others. Under a cityscape of great wealth, we are shown the human cost of economic success. Through documentary footage, Jodice often presents unseen behaviours of Dubai’s residents. He observes the changes in this major contemporary megacity, paying particular attention to new social, political, economic and religious phenomena.


For access to the film, please email


May 26, 2020