Gazelli Art House | Borders

With its physical spaces temporarily closed, Gazelli Art House programme continues online with the new exhibition – Borders.


On Tuesday the 19th May 2020, Gazelli Art House hosted a Zoom talk exploring how different organisations and academics are responding to the Covid-19 crisis, with a particular focus on borders and migration. Panellists included:


Kate Arthurs – Director of Arts at the British Council. She began her career managing Europe-wide projects at the Foreign Policy Centre and British Council Brussels on themes of diversity, inclusion, soft power and Britain’s role in Europe.


Jude Bennett – Co-founder of the NGO Refugee Rescue, who act in response to the humanitarian crisis that affect millions of displaced people fleeing war.


Thomas Snow – Professor of History of Art at University College London whose research interests include activism, critical theory, curatorial politics, globalisation and institutionalism amongst others.


Biao Xiang – Professor of Social Anthropology at University of Oxford. He worked on migration and social changes in China, and subsequently India and other parts of Asia, since 1992.


Moderated by George Barker of Gazelli Art House.



May 26, 2020