Non-Binary States: Quantum Superposition in Digital Art

Tuesday Talk, Non-binary States: Quantum Superposition in Digital Art, featuring Libby Heaney in conversation with Paul Luckraft (Senior Curator at Zabludowicz Collection).


The talk explored the use of quantum computing in digital art, specifically focusing on the pluralities of non-binary states in quantum computing and how these translate back to the digital. Delving into Libby Heaney’s current solo exhibition Ent-er the Garden of Forking Paths at our Project Space which premiered Ent- (Many Paths Version) (2022) in the UK.


Exploring the concepts of quantum superposition and entanglement and their meaning and applications in digital art, the discussion also covered the future of quantum computing in art, including speculation around a future quantum game engine.


As the first artist to use quantum computing as a functioning artistic medium, Libby Heaney is leading a timely contemplation on the near-future of lived experience. Prompting thought on determinism, Ent-er the Garden of Forking Paths hinges on the notion of quantum superposition, or “the ability for one thing to be in two or more possibilities at the same time.”



April 25, 2023