Jann Haworth as part of 'Beano' | Fad Magazine

'Donut Art History on Red Oil Skin'  which underpins the satirical and humorous nature of Jann Haworth's practice is currently featured in Beano: The Art of Breaking the Rules - a major exhibition which celebrates the world’s longest-running weekly comic’s.


"Contributors include young fiction writer and recent subject of Small Axe film Alex Wheatle, sculptor Phyllida Barlow, Turner Prize-winning artist Martin Creed, comedian and pop star Chris Sievey (otherwise known by his alter-ego Frank Sidebottom), Bob Stanley of indie dance band Saint Etienne, Horace Panter of ska band The Specials, Swiss artist duo Fischli/Weiss, painter Beryl Cook, one of the few female artists involved in the original Pop Art movement Jann Haworth, rising star Rene Mati?, typography artist Babak Ganjei and artist Ryan Gander.  They join artists already announced, such as Sarah Lucas, Bedwyr Williams, Hardeep Pandhal and Heather Phillipson.  Inspired by the antics of Beano’s mischievous heroes, they have all been brought together by their own spirit of rebellion and sense of playfulness, and their audacious artworks will be shown alongside original artwork from Beano’s archive, in an exhibition that is just as unconventional as its content." - Mark Westall

October 21, 2021