visual reference grid 2.2

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Ulla Nolden

visual reference grid 2.2

C-type print
12  x 7.3 in
Ed. of 3 +1 AP
Visual reference grid 2.2, taken from ‘EVERYDAY’  for ‘Pure Movement 2, environment 2’
Ulla Nolden uses photography as a visual research tool. For each work she selects a grid of reference images from the ‘EVERYDAY’ project, a daily photographic record of her visual perception. ’Pure Movement 2, environment 2’ is part of a series of algorithmic animations derived from an investigation of visual perception. The movements in this series are generated by algorithms. Behavioural rules are established from observations made in everyday environments and translated into computational instructions. Using the aesthetic language developed in the ‘EVERYDAY’ project the abstract algorithms are visualised in various environments.

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