Quiberon, France (Mum’s photo)

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Alex Duncan

Quiberon, France (Mum’s photo)

signed, inscribed and dated (on reverse)
digital photograph and water on acid free board
13.5 x 20 cm. (image)
29.5 x 35 cm (frame)
Executed in 2014

‘I made the works at the time I remember, as a response to wanting just work with water as a medium, attempting in a way to go back to a blank canvas, to start a fresh approach to making work. Over time and lots of experiments and mistakes, I discovered that by ‘soaking’ a particular type of photographic paper with water, this lifted the ink from the paper allowing it to be liquid again. I then move the ink around with a brush and my fingers to in a sense ‘reanimate’ the stillness of the water in the photograph. 

I wanted to try and put across the power and energy that was imbued in the materiality of water, to animate something that had been paused and made a memento of through a photograph. All the images I use (often ones taken by friends and family) are snapshots – an unthought of image, they were never taken with making the work in mind, so I tried to respond to each image differently, and that way they too felt fresh… flooding out beyond the confines of the image onto the board, or rising up into a maelstrom seemingly at odds with the surrounding cityscape. ‘
                                                                                                                    – Alex Duncan
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