Khaleb Brooks is an internationally acknowledged and awarded interdisciplinary artist creating relevant and critical work in London, UK. Currently as an artist in residence at the Tate Modern, he is working with the museums collection to create work about African diasporic and queer narratives using painting, performance and video. Performing in the 2019 Venice Biennale and consistently pushing the boundaries of art as a tool to politically engage, Khaleb has an exceptional professional and academic record that makes him a key emerging leader in the contemporary arts world.

His CV is inclusive of exhibitions and performances at the Institute of Contemporary Art (2020 and 2018), Schwules Museum in Berlin (2019), Gazelli Art House in London (2019), GlogauAir in Berlin (2019), 198 Contemporary in London (2017) and We- Dey Gallery in Vienna (2018). The works shown in these exhibitions blur the lines between history and futures in an attempt to explore the possibilities inherent in liminal spaces. A liminal space is in between worlds, dislocation, non- citizen, without rights, non- being. All of Khaleb’s works highlight ancestral folklore and use surrealism to re- imagine and ritualize black/ poc queer people as both futuristic beings and representations of the deep past.

Prior to working as an artist full time, Khaleb was an International Development practitioner where he worked with the United Nations and a multitude of NGO’s throughout Africa, Latin America and Asia. He has taken his passion for social justice and consistently seeks innovative ways to bring that work to the creative sector. Khaleb, originally from Chicago is inspired by the perseverance of black families in overcoming poverty, addiction, abuse and gang violence as well as his own experiences of being transgender. Khaleb graduated from SOAS with an MSc in Violence Conflict and Development in 2015.

Solo Exhibitions

2018 Rememory: Ritual Blackness and Beyond​, WE-DEY, Vienna, Austria
2014 Khaleb Brooks: ​Art is Revolution- Gentrification​, Paper Box, Brooklyn, NY

Group Ehibitions

2020 Decriminalized Futures (Commission), ​Institute of Contemporary Art, London
2019 Celebrating Stonewall 50 years (Commission),​ Schwules Museum, Berlin
2019 Stonewall 50 Days of Future Past,​ Glougauair, Berlin,
2019 Its Not Me Its You (Performance)​, Gazelli Art House, London
2019 3x 3 x 6, Shu Lea Cheang and Paul Preciado​, Venice Biennale
2018 TransFormations Film Festival Berlin, ​Werkstatt Der Kulturen Berlin, Germany
2018 Re: Generate Arts Festival (Commission), ​Ugly Duck Gallery, London, UK
2018 Bird- x​, Centred, Styx Space, London
2018 Punx of Colour​, 198 Contemporary Arts Gallery, London, UK
2017 Unhinged: Ain’t I Beautiful III,​ Project Mission Gallery, The Hive, London, UK
2015 Mapping- Personal Perspectives​, Brunei Gallery, London, UK
2014 Queenies Fades & Blunts​, Freeman Space, Brooklyn, NY


2018 Baldwin’s Room Residency, ​Johannesburg, South Africa, 2018
2016 Best Trans Performance, BOXX​, Transgender Film Festival, Kiel, Germany, 2016