Dustin Pevey
(B. 1980; Texas, USA; lives and works in Brooklin, NY, USA)

Dustin Pevey is an American contemporary artist who works with every-day images, reconstructing and dissecting our contemporary visual landscape to create a broken and twisted reality that speaks of his own psychic space. The disintegration of images in his work communicates a vague and anxious dimension, in which the viewer is deprived of any reference points with which to orientate themselves. Pevey reconstitutes our reality in abstract terms drawing attention to the surreality of our increasingly digital consciousness. Pevey’s work has been presented internationally in multiple solo and group exhibitions, at Galleria Annarumma in Naples, Italy, Galerie Gabriel Rolt in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Bill Brady in Miami. He was also being featured in international art fairs including Dallas Art Fair and Art Basel Hong Kong.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2019 Autonomy of a Vacant Stare, Future Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2017 AND NOW, Dallas, TX
2017 AND NOW, solo presentation Miart, Milan, Italy
2016 Galleria Annarumma, Naples, Italy
2016 Norton Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2016 Dustin Pevey & Michelle Rawlings, AND NOW, Dallas,TX
2015 Galerie Gabriel Rolt, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2015 Things that Make You Go Hmmm, Kinman Gallery, New York, NY
2014 Please Don’t Lick; Landscape Paintings, Bill Brady, Miami
2014 Everything and Nothing at Once; Still Life Paintings, Retrospective Gallery, NY
2014 Advertisements for Myself, Marfa Book Company, Marfa, Texas
2013 Advertisements for Myself, Marfa Book Company, Texas
2012 Jeff Elrod & Dustin Pevey, Galeris Massimo Audiello, Mexico City, Mexico

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 Multiverse, Gazelli Art House, London, UK
2017 White Trash, Luhring Augustine Gallery, Larry Clark Collection, New York, NY
2017 Known Unknowns, Saatchi Gallery, London, England
2016 THEATRE DE L’ABSURDE (Final episode), Galerie Gabriel Rolt, Amsterdam
2016 Face to Face, Works from Ernesto Esposito Collection, Palazzo Fruscione, Salerno, Italy
2015 Whoa! Kinman Gallery, London, UK
2015 Just Another, Luce Gallery, Turin, Italy
2015 2159 Miles, Museo Britannico Americano, Mexico City, Mexico
2015 Art Rotterdam, Galerie Gabriel Rolt, Netherlands
2015 Zona Maco, Bill Brady Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico
2015 Officielle, Kinman Gallery, Paris, France
2015 Bloom, Kinman Gallery, London, England
2015 Let’s Get Figurative, Nicelle Beauchene Gallery, New York, NY
2014 Opening with a Stitch, Galerie Gabriel Rolt, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2014 Show Time, Johannes Vogt Gallery, New York, NY
2014 Reveal, Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, Overland Park, KS
2013 Untitled; Jeremy Ddeprez and Dustin Pevey, Studio One, Marfa, Texas
2012 Home Is; Ercole Home, New York, NY- curatoe Massimo Audiello
2012 Your Name Goes Here, Eugene Binder Gallery, Marfa Texas- curator Jeff Elrod
2010 Within Reason, Texas State University, San Marcos Texas
2009 Bad Moon Rising, Boots Contemporary, St Louis Missouri, curator Jan Van Woensel
2008 Visual Arts Centre of New Jersey, Summit, New Jersey
2008 Bitter Finals, Angstrom Gallery, Los Angeles, CA- curator John Ryan Moore & Yuval Pudik


Ernesto Esposito Collection
Gabriel Sulkowski Collection
Jeff Elrod Collection
Larry Clark Collection
Mark Flood Collection
Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art
Oppenheimer Collection
Overland Park, KS Mauro DeIorio Collection
Saatchi Collection
Simon and Michaela de Pury Collection
Zabludowicz Collection


2008 Dallas Museum of Art – The Arch and Anne Giles
Kimbrough Fund Grant


1960-63 Liverpool College of Art
1958-60 Chester School of Art