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Philip Colbert

Pencil Chair

Hand painted wood
120 x 37 x 42 cm
Edition of 10

I love pop surrealism and playing with pop symbols to make both humorous and thoughtful work. The meat and cigarettes are both bold icons of the pop language. I love the distinct graphic of raw meat, and find it a very impactful everyday icon, which of course gives a powerful nod to our complex human condition, it also plays reference to the many times painters have used the symbolic power of meet in painting. I wanted to Create a juxtaposition between the two icons and create a humorous relationship between them. People love to smoke after eating and I like the idea of making the cigarettes hold up with meat. I feel furniture is a great medium to create surrealism in everyday life, as they have the added surreal quality of taking on new life as a functional object.

Philip Colbert 

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