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Gazelli Art House is delighted to announce that Jane McAdam Freud will be one of the speakers this year in the Florence Symposium this May.

Planning is well underway for the Seventh Triennial Symposium on Psychoanalysis and the Arts, to be held in Florence, Italy, May 18-20, 2017. Energized by the enthusiastic capacity attendance at our 2014 Symposium, the joint planning committee of APsaA and our Italian counterpart have moved quickly, engaging a roster of outstanding presenters and historic, beautiful venues.


Florence is “the city beautiful”, embraced by verdant hills punctuated with cypress and pine, its glowing river traversed by graceful bridges. There is no need to wonder what Renaissance Florence was like when it nurtured the most astonishing cultural flowering since Periclean Athens, because it’s all still there. An arcaded and frescoed masterpiece designed by Brunelleschi in 1400, Ospedale degli Innocenti, will be the site of our seminars (and catered coffee breaks), and our gala dinner will be held in the ballroom of a Renaissance palace, Palazzo Ximenes Panciatichi.

“Renaissance Florence” signifies a pinnacle, not only of artistic achievement but also, through Dante’s Divine Comedy, of the never-ending effort to find meaning in human existence. And so it is fitting that we gather for our symposium in Florence where, inspired by its dual heritage, we explore the common ground of the arts and our own, psychoanalytically-informed version of Dante’s search.

This inter-disciplinary approach is the passion of many wonderful scholars who plan to be with us in Florence, to share their ideas and to join us in convivial gatherings.

Our four distinguished plenary speakers are:
David Freedberg, Jonathan Lear, Michael Parsons and David Rosenmeyer.

Other eminent scholars, scientists and artists who will be presenting papers include:
Stefano Bolognini, Lawrence Brown, Vera Camden, Phillip Freeman, Jane McAdam Freud, Vittorio Gallese, J. David Miller, Diane O’Donoghue and Debora Silverman.

With presenters who are renowned figures in either psychoanalysis or the arts, the symposium will facilitate inter-disciplinary discussion both in formal sessions and more informally, during social events and private tours.

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