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Live Performance: Thursday 15th February, 5 – 10pm

Gazelli Art House is excited to invite you to a special private view and live durational performance by acclaimed Russo-Brazilian performance artist, Fyodor Pavlov-Andreevich, in support of the Russian LGBT Network. Temporary Monument No is a five-hour durational live piece examining the predicament of homosexuals in Chechnya. A region long affected by extreme homophobia, Pavlov-Andreevich will raise awareness to the violent crackdown on the LGBT community in the semi-autonomous republic. A special edition of work by Pavlov-Andreevich is available for acquisition from Gazelli Art House, with proceeds dedicated to covering the RLGBTN’s expenses connected to the situation in Chechnya.

The Russian LGBT Network is a St Petersburg-based charity that has organised the rescue of gay individuals persecuted by the Chechen police since March 2017. The non-governmental organisation is deeply concerned with the increase of activities connected to the secret prison for gay men outside the Chechen capital of Grozny. In the meantime, the funds raised by the charity globally in 2017 have been entirely spent on saving the lives of over 100 men rescued from Chechnya. 88 of them have left Russia
and have claimed political asylum in other countries, mainly in Europe. Due to the current situation in Chechnya, the lives of dozens of gay men are under serious threat due to the lack of funding. Detentions and torture of homosexual people in the area continue.

Joining forces with the Russian LGBT Network, Pavlov-Andreevich’s performance will focus on the purpose of saving individual lives. To donate money directly to the campaign, please visit: https://help.lgbtnet.org/chechnya-en

Pavlov-Andreevich’s diverse body of work explores “the relationship between the hidden and the exposed, over and underexposure, communication (at times, anonymous) between artist and his audience, and the role of ritual in visual art”. His work continues to explore the theme of anonymous intercourse between an artist and his audience. The performance serves to inform, enlighten, and most importantly, support a significant cause.

The multidisciplinary artist is part of the current group show at Gazelli Art House, her shey qayidacaq, featuring an exceptional body of work by Caucuses’ leading contemporary and modern artists. The first show to exhibit works from the region since the gallery’s inception in 2003, Gazelli Art House examines national identity, tradition and history. Located between East and West, the works combine tradition and folklore with an array of genres and techniques, adding to a unique contemporary discourse.

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